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کتاب Pass Trinity now: Grades 1-2

دانلود کتاب Pass Trinity now: Grades 1-2

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Pass Trinity now: Grades 1-2
 Audio CDs: English: MP3, 128 Kbps (1 channels) | Duration: 01:04:49 | 2016
 PDF Books | Genre: Learning English | Level: Beginner

  From Grade 1 to Grade 10 and ISE Foundation I and II; a single preparation series for the Trinity College London exams. The series is approved as suitable preparation material by Trinity College London.

 Pass Trinity now 1-2
Stuart Cochrane

  Pass Trinity now 1-2 is ideal for learning the basics of English by means of communication and interaction. It is suitable for 8-12 year-olds and above. Features: 10 topic-based units, each divided into 2 selfcontained lessons Communication Tasks for guided speaking practice Exam Corner with exam-style questions Wide selection of listen and repeat exercises on the audio CD Pronunciation Pal to establish the basics of good pronunciation List and recording of key A1-level vocabulary in the Word File Teacher’s Book with detailed lesson procedures
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